OSLA Card Holders

  • Alumni, Associate Members and Honorary Alumni, all three can hold the OSLA card and are authorized to utilize all benefits the school decides will go with the membership card.
  • This policy will remain in place till changed by the school Management and Board.
  • Any policy change will be voted upon by the School Board and Directors will also have voting rights.
  • OSLA Card holder are allowed entry onto the campus, upto the admin office upon visual card verification at the gate.
  • OSLA Card holder are eligible for discounted tickets for all school concerts, plays, events.
  • OSLA Card holders can utilize our “Student Counselling Services” with prior appointment.
  • OSLA members will receive birthday messages via SMS and email. For this they will need to update their latest information at the School Office.
  • OSLA members and card holders are able to initiate fund raising for various causes with prior written permission from School Office.

For various discounts on OSLA Card please click below:
(Please note that LEARNING ALLIANCE will not take any responsibility for the facilities provided at these venues)