They say Art is about self expression and good impression. We believe both can work with each other and produce the finest results. Although the Art Department adheres strictly to the syllabus put forth by the Cambridge Assessment International Educations board, our students are encouraged to communicate a different side of them through any artwork they prefer.  We also strongly believe that everybody has an aptitude for art once they have picked up skills and dedicated time to their work.

Aside from regular curriculum, we offer Saturday Art Classes for anybody interested in working on personal techniques and projects. Some styles we work on are:

  • Sketching and drawing
  • Painting (watercolor, oil, acrylic, marker)
  • 3D painting
  • Creating textures
  • Sculpting with clay
  • Graffiti and Abstract


Art Exhibition/Charity Drive

Students interested in displaying their work may submit paintings and pieces for the annual Art Exhibition. Parents and friends are invited to observe the staggering talent our school has to share, and welcome to buy any work they may admire. All proceeds from the sales of student paintings go to a charity selected by the school. In previous years, exhibition proceeds have gone towards research for Arthritis and flood victims in Baluchistan.

Art Contests

We host and participate in a range of Inter and Intra School art contests around Lahore. Students from prestigious institutions throughout the city interact with our artists and help us extend our prowess beyond the walls of the art room.

Theatre Related Artwork

The school dramatic society is always looking for more artists to contribute to their production. In the past, our students have helped build and paint sets and even create paintings based on the scripts of our plays. We are greatly in favour of all forms of self expression through art, we know everyone has a different style and we are eager to witness it all!