Aziz Avenue

In the heart of Lahore, sits a beautiful white mansion of colonial architecture and old-world charisma. Located on Canal Road, our Aziz Avenue campus offers the Cambridge Assessment International Educations Programme from classes Prep through OI. Aziz Avenue also exclusively offers the esteemed Aitchsion Blue stream with Classes:

  • Preparatory Blue
  • Class I Blue – Preparation for K 2
  • Class II Blue – Preparation for K 3

This stream begins in class Prep Blue for students preparing to eventually study at Aitchison College, Lahore.

As a campus itself, Aziz Avenue is a historic treasure. Once known as ‘Dhaniwas’, the building is a British Imperial Bungalow that boasts of a spectacular view of the Lahore Canal. Now renovated to meet the school’s infrastructural needs, the building still carries a lot of the essence of the original Dhaniwas and every effort has been made to preserve the heritage of the building. Students enjoy the past and the future as they are exposed to a standard of academic excellence within the walls of this Victorian mansion.