Drama & Theatre


At Learning Alliance, students are provided with the opportunity to perform drama through various outlets outside the classroom. Our dedicated staff often plays an important role in guiding students through their theatrical journey!

Our senior school runs its own drama club known as the ‘Phoenix Drama Society’. All students are given the chance to play up their potential and show off their talent on stage. The Phoenix Drama Society has held successful plays at school, the Ali Auditorium and Lahore’s Al Hamra Arts Council! 

The Phoenix Dramatics Society

The ‘Phoenix Drama Society’ is an entirely student run organization. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in any capacity they may prefer. In the past few years, the club has put on some spectacular shows and highlighted the immense amount of talent our student body carries. The 2013-2014 school play ‘Kaisa Paisa’ was a roaring success and lauded by students, parents and staff alike!