Executive Principal’s Message

ms anjumWelcome to the official website of Learning Alliance. I greet you all to a heritage of academic excellence and commitment to hard work.

I believe life provides opportunities to each and every one of us; it is then our duty to make the best use of them and soar high in the sky of our dreams. In this vastly changing society we are proud to cater to various student needs and thereby offer a range of Academic Programmes; O’ and A’ Level Cambridge Assessment International Educations and PYP and MYP of International Baccalaureate.

All our programmes immerse students in rigorous coursework and help develop essential life skills. Our philosophy behind introducing such a vast group of disciplines is to encourage our students to become curious learners, with a drive to think critically, read avidly and research comprehensively. This is done so that from an early age, students are pushed to strive, realize their true potential and deliver their best.

Abiding by our philosophy of developing a holistic approach to learning, we encourage parents to motivate their children to actively participate in a wide range of co–curricular activities that often stretch late into the afternoon.

The foundation of our institute is firmly grounded in age-old principles of respect and honor, with an emphasis on the value of time and discipline in life. We have and will continue to build communities of civilized individuals; who will become a thriving part of this Great Nation tomorrow.

Anjum S. Ahmed

Executive Principal