Facilities-Aziz Avenue

Science Laboratory

Our Science lab is fully equipped to meet student requirements for coursework. At the lab, students may conduct practical experiments in line with their coursework.

Smart Boards 

Our classes are equipped with interactive whiteboards that come with ultra-short throw projectors and use touch detection for user input in the same way as regular PC input devices.

Computer Lab 

At our computer labs; students use high speed computers that offer the latest in educational software and hardware. We also provide access to high speed Wi-Fi in order to enhance student learning and help develop their research skills.

cookie baking2Food and Nutrition Lab

Cooking is a fascinating experience. The new cooking lab provides facilities for our students so that they may prepare basic recipes and enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.The Food and Nutrition Lab has been designed keeping in mind; the Cambridge Assessment International Education subject requirements.

 Multimedia Room

The multimedia room is equipped to handle an audience of over a hundred people. It is designed for conducting conferences, meetings and seminars. Installed therein is a fully functional multimedia suite complete with overhead projector and Smart Board.


The Amphitheatre accommodates an audience of two hundred people. It is specifically designed for the purpose of staging performances in front of the entire school. Advanced acoustics, sound and light systems are installed in order to ensure a high quality production.

swimming1Swimming Pool

A purpose built pool, under the supervision of trained life guards is open during swimming lessons for all students at Learning Alliance.


 Personal Lockers

The school designates personal lockers to all students from Class III to VIII.


The school has a fully functional cafeteria from where students may purchase hot or cold food and drinks throughout the day.