IB Workshops & Training


MARCH 2014


Mr. Ian Chambers, Director International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific, visited the Lahore Preschool – Learning Alliance DHA Campus on Wednesday, 12th March, 2014.  He met Ms. Anjum S. Ahmed, Mr. Nael Ahmed, both the Senior Vice Principals, Vice Principals, IB Team the IB MYP students.

The students enjoyed their interaction with him and presented him their own artwork as a souvenir. He expressed his delight at meeting the students and staff and was thoroughly impressed by Lahore Preschool-Learning Alliance purpose-built campus and its management.  His compliments and admiration for Learning Alliance came through when Taimur Bandey and Farah Masood interacted with the IB Officials at the workshop/conference in Singapore.

MARCH 2014


The IB Faculty has returned from Singapore after attending the International Baccalaureate authorized Professional Development Workshops/Conference.

Previously the entire faculty had successfully completed the Category 1 Online Training and upon the recommendation of IB officials they were sent to Singapore for Category 3 ‘face to face’ training, skipping  Category 2.   These recommendations were based on the unit planners, rubrics, assessments, and reflections of teachers that were submitted to the IB officials.   We take pride in, and would like to commend the efforts of the IB Team in achieving this milestone within twelve months of its inception at Learning Alliance.

2 (1)Collectively, the faculty feels that the exposure and professional development  they have received in Singapore will play an instrumental role in implementing the IB MYP curriculum at Learning Alliance.

The primary objective of training was to help the teachers in taking students beyond content onto the conceptual level through comprehensive unit planning.   The faculty has come back more confident, and seeks to weave the IB philosophy of producing lifelong learners with a  truly international minded approach, into the very fabric of the Learning Alliance IB MYP curriculum.

Additionally, the LA IB Faculty interacted with facilitators from all over the Asia Pacific region including Singapore, India, UAE, Bangladesh, Australia, Indonesia, and China.  The LA IB Faculty also visited IB World Schools and observed classes and students in action.  They have brought back many wonderful ideas and have prepared a document to share their plan of implementation which the Lahore Preschool & CAIE stream may even find quite useful.  Overall, through this exposure and networking Learning Alliance has made its mark in the world of International Baccalaureate.