Music forms a vital part of the rich educational experience offered at Learning Alliance, providing our students with diverse outlets for creative exploration and expression.

Music Department

Budding Musicians flourish in our well equipped music department. We boast of a phenomenal staff of music teachers, who specialize in instruments and singing. Students are guided in the process of training their voices as well as learning songs in multiple languages. Each class has its own unique choir, each of which gets the opportunity to perform at a variety of school competitions and events. At Learning Alliance, all school events are accompanied by a live performance by class choirs.

The school band is a crowd favourite, it performs at inter-school events and also holds private sessions. Students interested in becoming involved in the band have ample opportunity to showcase their talent through the music department. For those interested in picking up guitar skills, the Guitar Club holds lessons every Saturday. The year 2014 brought with it, the introduction of a series of Violin Lessons for the Junior School. Students take lessons on an individual basis with special attention given to notation. These classes are held once a week during school hours.

Throughout the school year, students and faculty can participate and enjoy the delights that our Music Department has to offer!