MYP Co-Curricular


IB MYP Swimming Champion: Sereen Yusuf
September & October 2018

Sereen Yusuf, a student of IB MYP III, participated in four swimming competitions in the months of September & October 2018.
It is an honour for us to announce that Sereen bagged a total of 15 medals with 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

Details are given below:

Punjab Women’s Open Interschool Swimming Championship:

  • A Gold medal for Backstroke (100 m)
  • A Silver medal for freestyle relay
  • A Bronze medal for backstroke (50 m)
  • A Bronze medal for butterfly stroke (50 m)
  • A Bronze medal for individual medley (200 m)

Gramnanation Competition at LGS 1-A/1:

  • A Gold medal in backstroke (50 m)
  • A Gold medal in butterfly (50 m)

Inter-Campus Learning Alliance Swimming Competition:

  • A Gold medal in backstroke (50 m)
  • A Gold medal in butterfly stroke (50 m)
  • A Gold medal individual medleys (100 m)
  • A Silver medal in relay race

Annual Gym Khana Swimming Gala:

  • A Silver medal in butterfly stroke (50 m)
  • A Silver medal in backstroke (50 m)
  • A Silver medal in breaststroke (50 m)
  • A Silver medal in freestyle (50 m)

Sereen has also signed a contract with Pakistan Army for National Swimming Competition which will be held in Islamabad from 29th October to 1st November 2018.

Congratulations and Way to go Sereen!

Maths Trivia 2018
8th to 10th October 2018

Playing with numbers “is an art” and since it’s an art, once you get it, the thrill of solving the mystery behind these numbers is never ending. Inspired by this concept, a Mathematics Trivia was successfully conducted by the IB MYP from 8th to 10th October 2018. Students participated in the competition with much enthusiasm and were extremely eager to know what each day of the competition held for them in the creatively constructed rounds. This trivia helped the students to not only polish their mathematics skills but also boost their confidence, instill a sense of competition and hone their collaborative skills.

The trivia was divided into three rounds. The first round was a buzzer round, held for all sections, which consisted of a General Mathematics IQ test. Each class was divided into teams of 4. The winning teams from each class were taken to the next round called Investigating Patterns. MYP I and II teams competed with each other in an activity based on the golden ratio in which MYP I won the round. MYP III and IV worked to identify the mathematical formula representing permutations of letters and in this round, MYP III emerged as winners. In the last round, MYP I & MYP III participated in a race in which they answered various mathematics riddles hidden at different spots of a designated area in school.

The MYP 3 team, consisting of Hania Zubair, Sereen Yusuf, Tanya Tolentino and Hafsa Tanveer, won the final round. The winning team was awarded a trophy!

How does sound affect our mood?
IB Art Therapy Session for Mental Health Awareness Week

Students’ mental health and well-being are increasingly becoming an important part of the social fabric of our schools. This is especially so for International Baccalaureate because it is part of the curriculum to build a student body that is sensitive to emotional intelligence, caring towards those with special needs and those who are coming from different backgrounds and places in the world.

In learning to understand how to deal with the emotions of our peers, we must begin by learning how to understand our own emotions and mental states. In light of this, IB at Learning Alliance International held an art therapy session for students of PYP and MYP.

The all-day session involved the music teachers playing live music of various genres using drums and electric guitar i.e. pop, rock, jazz and blues to create different moods such as happy, sad, excited, angry and melancholy. The students reacted to this musical stimulus by drawing and colouring on multiple sheets of paper, expressing their emotions at the time and proving that our environment affects us instantly and profoundly.

Our students enjoyed the therapy session immensely and we hope to make this an annual activity. All the artworks created will be displayed in and around the campus during mental health awareness week starting 10th October 2018.

Peer Pressure
Thursday, 4th and Friday, 5th October

Students of MYP I-V participated in a workshop about Peer Pressure and ways to deal with the negative aspects of that pressure. The workshop was conducted by our School Psychologist, Ms. Huma Akbar on Thursday, 4th and Friday, 5th October. Since teens are generally seeking acceptability, our students were encouraged to share their personal experiences and discuss about the voice of reason, the silent voice of conscience that pull and push towards right and wrong, the accompanying anxiety and the guilt after voicing their rejection against Peer Pressure.
The session comprised of three parts where informative videos were shared with the students to help them identify, describe and define Peer Pressure; as well as learn ways of coping and skills needed to deal with this pressure. Emphasis was laid on when to say NO, standing up for one self and keeping communication channels open with Parents and Teachers for positive support and guidance.
The workshop ended with an interesting Question and Answer session in which the students deliberated on how Peer Pressure can change or influence personal identity. A home task was assigned to students to write about their personal experiences in order to get a better understanding of their personal struggles of dealing with Peer Pressure.

‘The Mind & Matter’At The Junction of History, Art & Science
Friday, 23rd February 2018

On the 23rd of February, the students of MYP demonstrated their knowledge, understanding and implementation of the various elements studied in both the Visual Arts and Science disciplines. Students, alongside their respective facilitators displayed elaborate art pieces that ranged from a 3D display of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh to a chandelier made of Mandala Art.

They also created a 3D think box to challenge the age old notion of “Think outside the box” through a visual and more tangible experience.

As the parents took in the enthralling sites, students set up stalls allowing them to demonstrate the learnt skills in Science. They conducted various experiments such as turning milk to plastic, setting soap on fire, creating illusions making a model of the Tesla Coil, phone app controlled car, fully functional robotic arm made out of recycled material and a Sustainable Model for the School.
Students also came up with various games such as “word search” in English, Urdu and French to keep their audience involved and to ensure the fun element of the fair was not lost. The students made their parents and teachers proud of their learning experience and the confidence, dedication and passion with which they took charge of the event.

It was a daylong event open to parents and PYP students which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

The Lahore Science Mela by Khwarizmi Science Society
Saturday, 27th & Sunday, 28th January 2018

The students of MYP presented their science projects on a two day event organized at Ali Institute of Education by the Khwarizmi Science Society on Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th January. The event aimed at creating a platform where students of all age groups from all over Pakistan displayed their work and got a chance to learn from each other. The students of MYP took six working models and displayed them for all. These projects included:

  • A vacuum cleaner created from recycled material
  • Oobleck
  • Liquid Experiments
  • Illusion Box
  • Matchbox Rocket
  • Tabletop Waterfall

Each group working on the project confidently presented their work, answering questions from the specters and showing their understanding of the principles behind the work. They demonstrated a good command over their communication skills as Learning Alliance International stall turned out to be the most popular among all. The event also gave our students a chance to be troubleshooters when needed, improvising confidently if something did not work out.

All of the students also got a chance to visit works of other institutions including LUMS, UET, LGS, Beaconhouse School System, Aga Khan University, IBA, Pakistan Science Club, National Museum of Science and Technology and the Lahore Astronomical Society to name a few. They got to see models such as Tesla coil, Radar systems, Mobile Science Lab (established in a bus), Liquid nitrogen experiments, Robots and drones. They were also allowed to use instruments such as microscopes and telescopes. There were also stalls that allowed students to play various games using interactive skeleton systems and logical mind and math games.

This was a good learning experience for the students since they got an exposure to how Science works in various ways that they had only read about in books and class.

5th Annual Sports Festival, Inter-House matches, 2018
22nd to 26th January 2018

Sports Society of Learning Alliance were organized 5th Annual Sports Festival, Inter House matches, 22nd to 26th January 2018, The opening ceremony took place at 10:00 at the Learning Alliance football ground, when our chef guest Miss Anjum S Ahmed arrived. The day of the sports week started with the recitation of Holy Quran and with the National anthem that everyone sang with pride and dignity.

After the permission given by our chief guest the day began with a great performance by the Gymnastic students who showed all and they pay off all their hard work and practice. Then all the students from 6 to A levels were aligned according to their houses with their captains that were Sphinx, Griffin, Titans and Pegasus. They marched in a qui with their Sports Presidents and Vice Presidents in front.

Sports week in different 4 categories of Senior Boys, junior boys, Senior Girls and Junior Girls which included 28 Boys and Girls events at 4 different venues of the Learning Alliance in which teams from each house participated. sports week ended with athletic events, Athletic is the mother of all games which engulfs Jumps, Throws and different races; certain events could not executed due to the shortage of time. Every team of each house put a lot of effort to win the match and played really well and all of them were motivated and happy even though they win or lose as all their crowd and supporters cheered for them.

At the end of the fifth day at closing ceremony the Winning house trophy received by the House Captain and House mistress of Griffin.

Overall in Sports, Griffin got First position by securing 210 points; detail of positions holders of all houses and images are enclosed.

IB MYP Students Visit LUMS Science & Design Laboratories
Thursday, 18th January 2018

Students of MYP III and IV visited the research labs at the Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering, LUMS to witness how science is being used as a tool for innovation and discovery. The students got a chance to find out how machines such as a scanning electron microscope and 3D printer works, what sort of apparatus is needed for experiments involving light and lasers, how quickly liquid nitrogen can be used to condense and freeze, the process of DNA mutation in houseflies, process of extracting DNA from any cell, working of a Tesla Coil, etc.

They were given guided tour of the labs by the scientists working there who explained to the students how and what they were working on. Students got a chance to observe some cutting edge research happening in the labs and found out first-hand the thought process and hard work involved in research.

Regional Champion of the 13th Dawn In Education Spelling Bee

We are thrilled to announce Zuha Fatima Haider of MYP III as the Regional Champion of the 13th Dawn In Education Spelling Bee.

Zuha qualified for the first pool round and reached the Regionals of the 13th Dawn in Education Spelling Bee. In this round she competed against schools from all over Lahore and won the Regional Championship 2017.

These competitions not only inculcate the love of words in young children, they also provide an opportunity for them to stand confidently in front of an audience and make their presence felt.

Three cheers for our Regional Champion!!

Three Cheers!!!

The great engine that drives innovation and invention in society comes from people whose flame of creativity was kept alive in childhood!!

International Baccalaureate at Learning Alliance International is all about nurturing this spark and our students are a proof of that.

The latest in the series of our young learners making us proud is Nawal Haider Butt from MYP II, who had her travelogue published in Dawn News; Experience: A dream trip to Gwadar.

Nawal also has a Bronze Certificate in Queen’s Commonwealth Competition to her credit. We wish her best of luck in all of her future endeavors and hope that she will continue making us proud.

Trip to Greenfields Club and Resort
October, 2017

The students of MYP I and II of Learning Alliance International were taken to an overnight camping trip to Greenfields Club and Resort on the 28th of October 2017. The intent of the trip was recreational and was inclusive of various outdoor and indoor activities such as horse riding, motor boating, ATV driving, rock climbing, table tennis, badminton, cricket, foosball and several others.

Students left the campus on an early Saturday morning and were welcomed at the resort with Some scrumptious snacks. Soon after breakfast, they were taken on trolley rides across the farm where they got to experience various fun activities. To further contribute to the experience of the students, there was a fun bonfire and barbecue night arranged. It was an exhilarating experience to watch them enjoy the atmosphere, food and music.

As a contribution to their IB learning experience, the students of MYP I and II developed camping skills and learnt fun ways to accommodate their friends in an unfamiliar environment. The trip was a success where the students were witnessed enjoying and experiencing interesting and challenging activities with a newfound passion.

Maths Trivia

The Mathematics Trivia week was successfully conducted in the IB MYP department. Students actively participated in the competition with much zeal and enthusiasm and were extremely eager to know what awaited them every day in the creatively constructed rounds. This trivia helped the students to not only polish their mathematics skills but also boost their confidence, instill a sense of competition, motivating them to study further.

The trivia was divided into three rounds:

• The first round was a buzzer round, held for all sections, which consisted of a general mathematics IQ test. Students passing in this test were taken to the next round, which was different for each section.
• MYP I and MYP II students were involved in building patterns using dominoes and fidget Spinners.
• MYP III and IV formulated complex equations using mosaic tiles.
• In the last round, MYP I & MYP IV participated in the Mathematics relay race in which they answered various mathematics riddles which were paired up with various physical activities like pushups, jumping jacks for students to fully use their capabilities.

Mathematics Task: Mini Golf Course

Project-based learning is one of the essentials for the development of skills, like research and critical-thinking. Keeping in view the IB philosophy, the young IB Learners of MYP 2 were given a summative task to investigate patterns and design a challenging pro mini golf course for Learning Alliance school ground field using different lines, angles and geometric shapes. This task was aimed to enhance their knowledge on the topic “Lines and Angles” and put their learning into practice. Using mathematics in real life, they developed their own workable mini golf course using lines like parallel and perpendicular lines; angles such as acute, obtuse, reflex and straight angles along with various geometrical shapes (square, triangles, rhombus, trapezium etc).

Spoken Word Poetry Recital by MYP

“Poetry isn’t an island, it is the bridge. Poetry isn’t a ship, it is the lifeboat. Poetry isn’t swimming. Poetry is water.” ― Kamand Kojouri

On November 20th, Learning Alliance International organized an event as a part of their IB Public Speaking curriculum. Students of MYP were introduced to “Spoken word poetry” or “Performance Art poetry” in their regular classes. They learnt this unique art form as a distinctive mode of communication with a crowd.

The event showcased students’ original work produced over the course of a few weeks. It was aimed at allowing the students to share their poetry with courage, clarity and most importantly the artistic sensibility to turn their words into thoughts and emotions into powerful expressions.

Spoken word poetry is an art form that breaks barriers of human division and allows individuals to bring to the stage subjects like love, loss, and family, schools through intimate and challenging personal expression. It allows them to connect to the audience in an authentic and raw manner inducing a harmonious and cohesive global community.

Students watched poems by poets like Sarah and Phil Kaye, Olivia Gatwood followed by making lists on topics such as, 10 things I know to be true, 10 things I should’ve learnt by now and others. This was followed by discussions and brainstorming sessions to help the students understand how to approach a mundane topic that means something to them and turn it into food for thought for an audience.
The intention of this event was to teach students confidence, courage, clarity and expression through spoken word poetry.

The Incredible Growing Gummy Bears!
The Gummy Bear Experiment


If we are to practice our thinking skills we have to get into the habit of reflection. Now, one can wonder about anything under the sun. For example:
• Does the colour of the gummy bear effect its growth in water?
• Does the temperature of the water effect its growth?
• What is the relationship between time and growth of the gummy bear?

In MYP I, students were taught the scientific model of investigation. The purpose of this experiment was to transfer their knowledge and apply it practically. Since this was their first laboratory setting experiment, the students were given clear instructions on how to go about the procedure and were guided every step of the way.

Some students chose to investigate the relationship (if any) of the different colours of gummy bears when placed in test tubes of water for regular intervals of time. They recorded the length of the bears before starting the experiment, the temperature of the water and the amount of time they were placed in the water. After regular intervals of 5 minutes, they took the gummy bears out one by one and recorded the change in length that may or may not have occurred. Others chose to investigate the effect of different temperatures of water on the size of the gummy bears.

They collected raw data initially and by raw data, we are talking about loads of gummy bears. Some people do have all the luck!

Create Your Own Creature!
Putting together a procedure

Every great scientist possesses the ability to methodically document each and every step of their process. Whether it’s a procedure to performing an experiment, the instruction manual to an invention or simply a written document of the scientist’s thoughts, organization is undoubtedly an essential element.

For this classroom-based activity, students of MYP I were provided with an instruction sheet. The task was explained in detail after which the materials were provided. Each student was given a styrofoam cup to act as a base for their creation. Playdough, toothpicks, markers of a variety of colours and cotton buds among other materials were also given.

It was time to let their imaginations run wild! Drawing, cutting, colouring and moulding, ensued till they reached their desired creation. With every new step that they performed in the construction, they wrote it on the blank side of the instruction sheet as accurately as they could till they had a complete written guide to creating their unique model. The students ended this activity by naming their creations.

This exercise was very well received by the students and they thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the process. Not only did they learn the importance of documentation and the need for accuracy in their instructions in order to be able to reproduce the models or experiments purely from reading instructions but they also explored their creative potential.

English Summative Task

MYP I was given a summative task to investigate and document any aspect related to the novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ that is, Holocaust, Concentration Camp/ Auschwitz or the World War II, and compose a poem, in a creative manner, following the general rules of poem construction. This task gave them an opportunity to elucidate their understanding of the global context Orientation in Space and Time where they explored how historical context and authors’ perspectives affect readers’ interpretations of literary texts and the concept of truth. It also enabled the students to have a different perspective on war as portrayed in the novel by John Boyne. Students created poems that weren’t only heart touching, due to their amazing vision, but also extremely well-scrutinized. Later they recited their poems to all the MYP students.

To wrap up the unit “Here’s to the crazy ones”, students of MYP-II were exposed to Science Fiction while focusing on the impact of innovations on the modern world. They enjoyed the journey through the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne, and were introduced to the Industrial Revolution and its importance. To assess their understanding, they were given a task to write a reflective essay on an innovator whose initial research led to a world changing invention, and present it in class, dramatically. This was to annotate their comprehension of the global context Scientific and Technical Innovation where they delved into history to know how innovation has a strong relationship with personal creativity and self –expression.Students exhibited their research and views on their chosen inventors prolifically in the form of a Reflective Essay. Their essays were displayed as an exhibition.

To Kill a Mockingbird

MYP III was given a summative task to identify and document the evolution of Scout Finch, the protagonist in the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The novel was read August onwards and the task was based on the 20 chapters read and discussed in class.

The students were required to create scrapbooks in the form of timelines to classify how Scout evolved in relation to other characters within the book. This was to elucidate their understanding of the global context Personal and Cultural Expression where they explored how social constrictions shape an individual’s reality. The scrapbook itself was their experience of the novel and understanding of Scout’s world as defined by Lee.

Their work was displayed as an exhibition where some students made 3D scrapbooks using images as symbols that represented Scout’s growth. Others gave the traditional idea of scrapbooks a creative and personal spin.

In contribution to their IB experience, this task enabled students to analyze various characters within a set context and draw stark similarities and differences between the respective centuries thus, allowing them to understand the complexities of expression in various cultures.

Hip Hip Harrappa

Field trips rock! And we, the students live for them.

This term, we had a chance to visit the world famous archeological site, Harappa. Friday morning, all the MYP students gathered at the gate for their field trip to the Harappa Museum & Ruins. With all our goodies packed, cameras charged and in our trip gear; our excitement level was too high. Having studied in detail about the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilization in our Individual and Societies class, we were familiar with the topography and the landscape as the bus ride went on. There was an arrangement of a guide in each bus who fascinated us with stories about the different locations and folk tales associated with them.

Upon reaching Harappa, we were taken to the museum with the actual artefacts preserved. We were engrossed in taking notes of our observations. After spending a while in the museum, we were taken on a round of the tourist sites. Scenes were enacted as instructed by the guides, to give us a glimpse of the actual lives of the people who settled there. After a thoroughly interactive session, we were taken to a farmhouse where we got an ethnic feel with traditional food prepared for us; ‘Makai ki roti with Saag and Achari Gosht with Lassi.’

Trip to Science and Technology Museum

Students of the ‘Science and IT society’ of Learning Alliance International from Senior School and IB MYP were taken on a day excursion to the Museum of Science and Technology with their respective Science and Design & Technology facilitators.The Museum of Science & Technology houses the largest pendulum in the sub-continent and multiple exhibits of the various ages of Earth, planetary systems and antique mechanisms. Some of the exhibits were also about the principles of physics, chemistry experiments, obsolete technology and computers.

The students were seen thoroughly enjoying the various interactive light and lens displays also.

Their experience of seeing the history of inventions and its display under one roof helped them realize how man has iterated the design of technology to absolutely complicated 21st century marvels.

Visit to the UN Exhibition
May, 2015

On its 70th Anniversary, the United Nations, in collaboration with the National College of Arts and Lahore Museum, held an exhibition titled ‘Human Stories through Photography’. The students of Learning Alliance Middle Years Programme had a tutorial planned at the Pictorial Exhibit at Tollington Marketby their MYP facilitators to witness the activities that portray the works of the United Nations throughout the world. The pictures provoked thoughtful discussions and meaningful dialogue between the facilitators and the students. Since IB instills in students to observe and learn beyond the four walls of the classroom, it is not uncommon to have lessons planned and delivered in places traditionally thought to be not the “classroom environment”. One such place was the visit to the Lahore Museum and a walk through the pages of History, where the students learnt about important chapters in Pakistan Movement portrayed through photographs and memorabilia. In the Visual Arts section of the gallery, the students had a session with Visual Arts Facilitator, Mr. Bilal Khan, under the timeless pieces ofSadequain, MF Hussain and Shakir Ali. Afterwards, they visited National College of Arts and walked through the corridors where Jamil Naqsh, Zahoor-ul-Akhlaq and Salima Hashmi, have spent a part of their lives and gone on to become legends. The atmosphere at the NCA Cafeteria was charged with energy afterwards as the students treated themselves with scrumptious street food and ice creams, and interacted with the NCA students, bombarding them with interesting queries related to the life at NCA.

As part of the Individuals and Societies assessment of MYP I, students were briefed about the artefacts of Indus Valley Civilization by their facilitator Ms. Anum Wasim Khan. Students recorded their findings in their Individuals & Societies Portfolios.

The UN exhibition and the subsequent visit to the Lahore Museum and NCA show the spirit and vitality that cultural diversifications have to offer!

Trip to Mangla Dam and Hydro Power Station
April, 2015

DSC_1151Learning Alliance International Baccalaureate inculcates in students a strong approach towards academics combined with extracurricular activities which enhance the love of learning. For this purpose, every year a field trip is planned that aims for reinforcement of lessons learned in classroom and continuation of education beyond school premises, making students lifelong learners.

After a very enriching and successful trip to Khewra Salt Mines last year, this year, IB MYP planned a trip to the Mangla Dam, Hydro-Electric Power Station and Army Water Sports Club. This was a pre coordinated field activity undertaken in collaboration with the Science and Individuals and Societies units that the students have been studying.

The students left for Mangla in the morning at 7:30 am and reached the Mangla View Resort, where they had a scrumptious lunch on a floating Raft, wafting in the delicious aroma of Barbeque. Later, High Speed Boat rides around and across the Mangla Reservoir, were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. It was interesting to witness discussions on the depth of the Mangla lake, the construction of the Dam and theories on Conservation. After the boat rides, the students were taken to the Hydro Electric Power Station.

This trip served to equip the students with a better understanding of the related concepts of “transformation”, “resources”and “change”. The Science teacher, Mr. Kamal Din Khan explained to the students the process with which the water is transported from the different water channels into the reservoir and from there to the Power Station. The teacher also explained the process in which the “spillways” work, and the students were shown a 3D model of the Dam and its adjoining lake. They were told about the importance and the advantages of Dams and Power Stations for an economy by the Individuals and Societies Facilitator, Ms.Anum Wasim and the appropriate way to source and cite the material, the students will be researching about in their lessons by Ms. Hana Tariq.

This fun filled learning experience will go a long way in instilling a sound knowledge and understanding of our country and innumerable energy resources it is endowed with.

Salt Mines Trip
April, 2014

stalactite and stalagmite2Classes Pre-MYP, MYP-I & MYP-II made a wonderful excursion to the Khewra Salt Mines on Saturday, 12th April, 2014.

The purpose of the trip was to conduct an in-depth inquiry into a geological site to gain a better understanding of the key concepts of ‘Change’ and ‘Resources’ that students had been exploring in their Social Studies, English, Mathematics, and Science classes.

The faculty prepared a workbook that was especially designed to assess students in the following areas:

– Observation, inquiry, and listening skills i.e. Why is the road leading to the mines is white? Why is the temperature in the mine at a constant 18 Celsius? How do the stalactites and stalagmites form? How does the water get inside the mine chambers? What is the
economic impact of the mines on the nearby towns and communities? What is the effect of salt on water, soil, and animals of the Jhelum District?

Crystal Palace

– Ability to apply concepts covered in Social Studies, Science & Mathematics to real life situations such as observing a 70 year old stalagmite and calculating the drip rates of salt water per minute to calculate how long it would take for a 1 foot high stalagmite to form.

Taking samples of water collected in a crater and bringing it back to class to study the percentage of salt and water content in this solution. The guide said no one can sink in this water… finding out why?

– Ability to reflect on the overall experience in English Language class to capture the awe and wonder as well as to assess the safety features inside the mine chambers.

On a lighter note, the children were thrilled to go on the Daewoo bus and have lunch at Bhera (KFC & Subway) and ice cream on the way back.

Rafi Peer Theatre Trip
October, 2014

Pic 2IB MYP students went for a field trip to Asia’s largest and most well known Museum of Puppetry; the Rafi Peer Theatre. The various kinds of puppetry displayed provided students with an insight into the true nature of creativity, and how it may be expressed in an appealing manner through their Arts & Humanities curriculum.

International Day of Literacy
Literacy is a bridge from misery to ho

pe. —Kofi Annan

The students of Learning Alliance International IB MYP visited the HUF (Hope Uplift Foundation) School run by an NGO on Tuesday, 17th October, 2017. They took the initiative to gift wrap cartons of stationery for the students of HUF to help promote the concept of literacy in their country in order to become more proactive and vigilant members of the global community. Students sat in pairs or groups of three as they conducted activities. These activities ranged from making paper airplanes to boats to the students singing nursery rhymes together. To express their gratitude, the students of HUF performed a song for their newly found friends at LAI as a parting gesture. The students returned with a memento – chart papers with hand prints of the students of HUF as a constant reminder to promote literacy and be active members of a more learned and aware local community.

Students of Learning Alliance International spent an hour from their day with the students at HUF and returned with a more empathic understanding of literacy as a right and not a luxury especially when being provided to the relatively less fortunate.

Designing an Aluminium Boat

The aim of this experiment was to study the relationship between the shape and form of a hand moulded aluminium boat and its capacity to bear load.

For this activity, the class was divided into three groups. Each group had to create its own unique boat using a standardized 16×16 cm piece of aluminium foil.

The students then placed each boat in water to check for any leaks and make sure that their boat was stable and able to float on water on its own. Once this was established, paper clips were placed in the boat, one at a time, till the boat sank. The maximum number of paper clips the boat was able to hold was recorded. This was repeated for each boat.

Some of the boats could hardly carry more than 10 paper clips while others gave way in the 60’s. Going back to the theoretical basis of floating, sinking and density; students came up with scientific reasons for the variation in their results.

The raw data that has been collected by the students by this experiment will now be presented in an organized table that is easy to interpret. Conclusions will be drawn from the data to justify their results. Additionally, changes and improvements that can be made to the experiment will be discussed.

International Day of Charity

On 5th September 2017, the entire world celebrated the UN initiated International Day of Charity. The students of IB MYP I-V attended a scintillating session conducted by members of the most charitable institute in the Country, SOS. In spirit of inducing a more charitable mindset in the lives of the future generations, the National Director, alongside her team, was invited to visit the students of Learning Alliance. The team prepared a presentation that involved:

1. A brief on what charity is?
2. How can teenagers become more charitable?
3. How SOS functions for orphans and families.
4. What kind of contributions the students can make on their own time.
5. How to demonstrate humility to those who are seemingly less fortunate.

The presentation was followed by 20 minute long interactive session where students asked questions and voiced their grievances in terms of how they think the world should have changed and can be changed.
Upon returning to their classrooms, they wrote a reflective paragraph on the session attended.

Community Services Flood Relief
September, 2014

Pic 7On the call of the LA Community Services Society, the IB MYP students brought different items as donations for flood victims to school. The students then sorted out all the items in different categories and packed them in cartons. They also labelled the cartons for the convenience of the collectors. All the donations, including food items, clothes, medicines, mineral water and shoes etc. have been handed over to the representative of the ‘Bali Memorial Trust’.