O Level


The Cambridge O Level Programme (a three year certification offered by the Cambridge Syndicate) at Learning Alliance operates in accordance with the requirements put forth by the Ministry of Education. We have the privilege of supporting accomplished faculty members in their respective subjects. Our impressive purpose built academic block will support the coursework requirements and provide students with a bevy of learning opportunities that allow them to recognize their potential and areas of strength.

The following is a break up of compulsory and optional subjects. It is mandatory for students to study all 5 compulsory subjects. Students may then select 3 other optional subjects by choice, or choose one ‘Group’ of subjects.

Compulsory Subjects

1- English
2- Urdu
3- Pakistan Studies
4- Islamiyat
5- Mathematics

Elective Subjects 

Students must select 3 subjects from any one of the following Groups:

Group 1 – Pre- MedicalBiology, Chemistry, Physics

Group 2 – Pre-Engineering: Chemistry, Physics, ICT

Group 3 – Humanities: Art, Literature in English, Business Studies, Human & Social Biology, Economics, Environmental Management, Principles of Accounts, Information Communication Technology, Additional Mathematics ( half credit in Pakistan)

* Additional Mathematics may be taken as a 9th subject.

The Career Counselor is available to help parents and students make informed decisions about subject choices. An appointment with the Counselor may be made at the Administrator’s Office.