O Level Student Council


The Student Council exists to promote civic responsibility and leadership among our students.  The Council serves two distinct purposes: legislation and service.

The legislative purpose of the Student Council is as follows:

• To represent the interests of the entire student body.

• To review and respond to feedback from the student body.

• To liaise with the school administration and/or School Committee, when it becomes    necessary for student issues to be addressed at a higher level.

• To create committees within the Council when it becomes necessary to specific goals .

 The service purpose of the Student Council is as follows:

 • To provide aid to students, the school and the community.

• To host school and class activities which include, but are not limited to; pep rallies,   dances and teacher appreciation.

• To sponsor a number of community service activities, in a manner which brings the school and community closer together.

• To create an atmosphere that promotes student involvement in the council and other student organisations at Learning Alliance.