Online Registration FAQ’s

  1. How to apply for Admission?

There are two ways to apply for admission to Learning Alliance, you may contact the School Office, either by emailing at or calling at UAN 111-66-66-33 to speak to the Admissions Officer who will guide you on the process, or you may begin by registering your child online.

  1. Registering Online:
  • Visit the ‘Admissions’ page of this website and select the ‘Apply Online’ button
  • You will be directed to the online Registration Form
  • Enter the information required for your child’s registration
  • Upload scanned copies of the requested documents (you will be required to bring the original copies of these documents with you at the time of your child’s interview)
  • Read the ‘Declaration’ very carefully before proceeding to the next page
  • Enter your debit/credit card details for payment (please note that a service fee of 2.00% is charged for all credit/debit card payments)
  • Select ‘Make Payment’ to complete your registration
  • You will receive a confirmation message on the screen and an email from the School Office once the payment has been processed
  1. What if I do not get a confirmation message or email?

If you do not get a confirmation email within an hour of registering, you are requested to contact the School Office via email at detailing your child’s name, date of birth and fathers name and the date that you attempted to register.

  1. Does registering my child guarantee admission?

No, registration does not guarantee admission. Admission will only be confirmed after the assessment and interview process.

  1. What can I expect next?

You will receive a phone call or a letter from the School Office informing you of the date and time for your child’s admission assessment. Post written assessment, both parents and the applicant will be requested to attend a meeting with the Vice Principal of the school after which you will be informed in writing if your child can be offered a seat in the school.


Payment FAQ’s:

  1. What payment options do I have?

You have the following card options for online registrations: Visa Debit/Credit or Master Debit/Credit

  1. Is it safe to pay online?

All payment information is processed through our bank on a fully encrypted and secure platform which is confidential with access given to authorized personnel only.

  1.   Will there be a charge to use my card online?

Yes, the bank will hold your payment initially, and once it goes through after the confirmation of registration from the school, a 2% fee will be charged on the total of amount of payment.

  1. What should I do if my payment is declined?

In case your payment is declined you are requested to check the payment information you have provided is accurate. If you are still unable to make payment, we suggest you call your bank or visit the School Office to complete the registration process in person.