Our Ethos

We believe in encouraging our students to be independent and self-motivated learners, who understand that self-regulation is the first step towards adulthood. Education is not only about academic success, but also about preparing our students to be more responsible and informed 21st century citizens, who not only respect themselves but also others.
Life at Learning Alliance is all about a commitment to:

  • Creating a culture of high expectations and outstanding achievement.
  • Delivering high quality teaching and learning.
  • Developing a broad range of life skills to ensure our students fulfil their potential.

We encourage our students to:

  • Lead by example and be positive role models for younger students.
  • Be independent and confident
  • Have integrity, be ethical and honest.
  • Be goal oriented and focused on their objectives.
  • Be committed to their beliefs and have the courage to stand up for them.
  • Be passionate and proactive, both as individuals and as team members.
  • Be free from prejudice and acknowledge diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • Show empathy and respect the needs and feelings of others.
  • Understand their shortcomings and make a conscious effort to make personal improvements.

Personal Approach


We encourage independence, confidence and ambition in all our students. Our teachers play a pivotal role in giving each student individual attention and quality time. Preparing and educating students about selecting the right subjects is an integral aspect of our guidance system.


Teachers regularly report on their students’ performance. More importantly, any concerns regarding any student are immediately reported by the teacher to the relevant department head. These reports include comments about homework completion, grades, attendance, effort, ability, punctuality and participation.
We also encourage parent-teacher communication so that the individual progress made by each child may be assessed and monitored throughout their course of study.


Establishing discipline within every child is the key to a successful educational experience.Scheduling and following timelines is of paramount importance to students and educators alike. Not only does it teach efficiency, it also allows individuals to yield their best results in the short and long run.
The high expectations we have of our students and staff continue to produce excellent results throughout our junior and senior classes.