Learning Alliance and Learning Alliance International Proclamation is an Annual 2-hour event that traditionally takes place on the first Sunday of April every year. It is a celebration of our student’s achievements over the past academic year in a multitude of fields. Aziz Avenue, Faisalabad and DHA come together for this celebratory event.
Students are awarded for their outstanding performance in Academics, Sports and Extracurricular as well as special medals for council members during Proclamation. Students who have excelled in their previous academic year and have consistently shown academic excellence in all internal assessments, monthly tests and Mid-Year Exams are awarded Gold, Silver, Bronze and special medals in the Academic category. The Sports Special Medal entails the student’s performance in various sporting events and Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities are awarded to students who are passionate about these disciplines and have shown the vigor and interest in diligently working towards their achievements. Behavior and attendance of students is also kept in mind when calculating marks for these medals.
Parents of all Medal Recipients are invited to attend where an Art Exhibition of the students’ work is on display. Students from class VI – A Level as well as MYP 1 – DP2 are able to celebrate their accomplishments through this program. The Proclamation is also a tribute to the entire faculty of Learning Alliance & Learning Alliance International who work tirelessly throughout the year to aid students in their achievements. The program traditionally ends in a celebratory manner with the announcement of the House Trophy along with the school song and Confetti.

Aziz Avenue