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PYP Co-Curricular



“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan

Due to its vast reach, unparalleled popularity and foundation of positive values, sports aredefinitely one of the greatest things man has ever created. It’s also a powerful tool that breaks down all the barriers and helps us feel good about ourselves, both physically and mentally. It fosters interpersonal relationships among peers and is a great activity to learn important lessons applicable to all aspects of life.
PYP I, II and III students were invited for friendly matches at TNS Gulberg, where they played, Dodgeball, Handball and Football respectively with the host students. The energy and the spirit were infectious and everyone including the audience and the staff enjoyed the skill and dexterity with which our players tackled their opponents. They came back with beaming smiles and golden trophies, lauded for their effort and sportsman spirit.
Through the comprehensive Sports programme at PYP@LAI children develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, learn to be a team member, learn about play fair and most importantly boost their self-esteem and confidence, which are the building blocks for a wholesome and successful life.


Learning Alliance International encourages students to excel in co-curricular activities. We regularly engage our students in activities that sharpen their minds and develop confidence.
International Baccalaureate, Primary Years Programme and Middle Years Programme’s chess players participated in the Lahore District Junior Qualifying Chess Championship 2019 on Sunday, 15th September 2o19. The event was organized by “Pakistan Strength and Conditioning Association”
Our chess players competed with some of the best chess players in Lahore and bagged the following positions:
First Position in Under 12 Category: Saad Hussain, MYP II
Second Position in Under 10 Category: Ahmed Moeed Yusuf, PYP V

Way to go, boys!

IB World Schools Manager visits LAI

IB Worlds School Manager, Mr. Clarke Stroupe visited Learning Alliance International on Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

Mr. Clarke toured the campus and met with the faculty and administration of all three departments: PYP, MYP and DP. He recognized the commendable efforts and the seamless implementation of all three IB Programmes and the IB philosophy by Learning Alliance International.

During his visit, he engaged with our learners and was amazed by their quick-witted responses to his questions. A normal day at IB LAI consists of different activities conducted during and around the lessons focused on building skills.

At home time, Mr. Clarke also had a chance to meet with some of our active parents who greeted him and provided him with positive feedback regarding LAI.

The Nation’s Pride

Defence Day is celebrated in Pakistan every year on 6th September, as a national day to commemorate the sacrifices made by Pakistani soldiers in defending its borders in the war of 1965.
IB@Learning Alliance International observed Defence Day with an assembly in the amphitheater where they spoke about what it means to be a proud Pakistani and the sacrifices of the soldiers for the love of their homeland in the line of duty.
PYP started off with their heartfelt speeches about how it’s important to stand with the soldiers and Pakistan army, while at the same time understanding the importance of global peace. Students of MYP spoke about the current state of affairs in Kashmir and the significance of solidarity with the soldiers and the sanctity of borders as India continues to oppress the basic human right of freedom for Kashmiris. DP students expressed their opinion about how war is never a solution but it’s imperative to have an ever vigilant army to defend the borders against any unwarranted hostile situations.
The highlight of the event was when our little learners from PYP spoke impromptu about their feelings for their homeland. There was a cheer from the crowd and everyone present, when the little voices expressed their views confidently.
Throughout the day, the spirit of patriotism was prevalent in school, with the colourful displays, handwritten messages to the armed forces, posters and relevant videos where everyone stood proud to be a part of a progressive nation.


Students of IB@LAI commenced the new academic year with a range of engaging activities aimed at developing their mental focus and energizing and immersing them in the framework of student centered learning. Students started their first day with the usual gusto through various mindfulness and physical activities. These self-management skills in the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skill framework works on enhancing the discipline and reflection in students.

In PYP, students took a round of the PYP block, with the new students familiarizing themselves with the sights and sounds and the administrative block. Taekwondo, Gymnastics, Life Skills, Kathak, Yoga and Music lessons made learning and orientation a fun experience. The entire first week, overall, kept the students captivated with a creative introduction and recapping of IB concepts such as Learner Profile, Command terms, Key and related concepts, global contexts etc. through games such as Missing numbers and alphabets, Pictionary, Scrabble and multiple other competitive team activities, allowing students to socialize and foster healthy collaboration with each other.

In MYP there was an activity revolved around the symbolic analogy of a glass jar of water and glitter to the human mind, cluttered with thoughts. Following this, a one minute meditation routine was also conducted in selected classes. The Science classes conducted in laboratory along with activities in Yoga, Performing and Visual Arts captivated the students and made them connect their learning to real life.

Students in Diploma Programme with the subjects of their choice including but not limited to Film, Business Management, Sciences and much more, were introduced to different career pathways. An interesting activity was the Rubik’s Cube, the solution of which requires memorization and spatial reasoning skills.

Throughout the first two weeks of new academic session, the IB block was an interesting place where new learning pathways were discovered and thoroughly enjoyed by the students.


“Believe in yourself, not only in swimming, but in life itself. You always have to have fun. You have to have an open mind”.
Debbie Meyer
PYP I & II held a swimming gala on 30th of September and 1st of October, 2019. As a sport and also as a life skills activity, swimming offers a chance to become involved in a sport whether as an individual or as part of a team. Children learn the importance of practice, discipline, and teamwork which they can take with them throughout life and apply even in other situations.
PYP mothers were also a part of the Swimming Gala and enjoyed the festive atmosphere along with the children. There were balloons and colourful ribbons and streamers; blue waters and swimming boards and happy children who swam away and did fun activities under the watchful eye of the swimming instructors and lifeguards.
It was a joyful hour spent at the pool with friends and loved ones and a great learning experience for PYP swimmers.

All about the Dough

The start of the week was a joyous surprise for the PYP I students as they had their first kitchen activity. They put on their aprons and caps and off they went to the school kitchen for making the cupcakes and baking their own mini pizzas.
The whole activity was conducted and supervised by Ms. Muneeze Khalid and thoroughly enjoyed by our PYP students. Ms. Muneeze Khalid is a culinary prodigy who received the Food Preneur of the year award at Laurels of Honour Award (2019) held by Governor of Punjab and the Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Lahore.
They decorated the cupcakes with sprinkles and colourful icing and strewed cheese cuttings on the mini pizzas.The aroma of cheese wafted through the entire kitchen as our little chefs waited up with smiles for the delicious goodies. The cupcake decoration was a delight with scoops of nutella and the delicious creamy filling gorgeously done with edible beads and sprinkles.
With their cupcakes decorated and mini pizzas safely packed in customised boxes, PYP I gathered around their homeroom teachers and Ms. Muneeze Khalid to receive certificates for their effort and the team building skills.

Mindfulness in PYP

Mindfulness activities play an important part in PYP curriculum both in instruction and assessment level. From the very beginning, PYP learners analyse the importance of mindfulness in making informed choices. These activities are a prerequisite for the learning journey and play an important role in the current Transdisciplinary Theme “Who We Are”. PYP I made Mindfulness Journals about a healthy and balanced lifestyle that they have been studying during this theme. There were invigorating discussions around the class regarding Mindfulness in daily lives and awareness regarding self.

It was a pleasure watching the enthusiasm of these young individuals who not only spoke about the concept but also created interesting points, entering them in their booklets, displayed in classrooms.

Learning Alliance International Professional Development (PD) Workshop

Learning Alliance International is committed towards developing knowledge and intellectual growth of its teachers as well as of its students. In this regard, a professional development (PD) workshop was conducted on 21st September, 2019, for members of the PYP faculty entitled: “Making the PYP Happen, Implementing Agency.”
The workshop was divided into two sessions and included the following topics:
• Collaboration
• The Learner Profile
• Transdisciplinary Themes
• Concept driven Learning
• The Inquiry Process
• Student Agency and Action
• Assessment
• The planning process and role of the planner
The objectives of the workshop included:
• Situating learning in local and global contexts supports students’ understanding of human commonalities
• Transdisciplinary Learning Design deepens students’ understanding of complex ideas
• Collaborative relationships support well-being of the students
• Diverse ways of knowing, doing and thinking are supported by well-designed learning environments
The session ended on a an extremely productive note followed by an interactive Question and Answer session.

IB PYP & MYP – ArtBeat Results 2018

Announcing the results of ‘ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions’ for which the theme was, ‘My Likes, My Dream, My City, My Village’

The students exhibited their ideas and creativity using mediums such as oil pastels, colour pencils, dry pastels and water colours. Following the theme, they made drawings showcasing the different interesting aspects of their life like their city, their pets or anything else which was special to them.

The proud recipients of Prize of Honor are Jehan Saif Rehman of PYP II-b, Syed Ammar Bukhari of PYP III-a, Simal Majeed of MYP III and Zoya Ali Waqas of MYP II. Their artworks are going to be exhibited at NCA, Lahore on the 16th and 17th of February, 2018.

The jury has also decided to give Artbeat Special Award for which they have selected Anaya Mehboob of PYP V, Inaaya Asad Ghauri of PYP II-a,Maha Malik & Mahnoor Fatima Aamir of MYP III.


PYP at Learning Alliance International is not confined to the classroom alone. The outdoors is explored for music, reading and art activities thus sharing not only the space but the joy of learning with others on campus. Sports constitute a major part of the academically challenging and dynamic Primary Years Program. It was in this spirit that PYP Olympics was held on the 3rd- 7th February, 2018.

The loud drum beat and thumping of students’ feet on the ground for a disciplined Parade set the rhythm for the event, followed by an oath-taking ceremony. The students of PYP then moved on to an energizing Zumba, followed by an astounding Gymnastics Display including Cart wheels, Dive roles and Pyramids. Amidst the cheering and encouragement for the young athletes from the parents, teachers as well as fellow students, the races began. The students of PYP I-V participated in Ball in the Bucket race, Grasshopper race, Zig-Zag race and Hurdle race. Warmed up by the races, the students proceeded to an invigorating football match, followed by the prize distribution ceremony.

The event concluded with the Taekwondo performance, which included Tile breaking, both wood & marble and an astounding demonstration of Nunchucks, which is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon. Everyone in attendance was in awe of the coordination, perfection and impact of this display. It was great to witness the sophistication and ease with which the students conducted themselves through these highly challenging moves.

The fantastic turnout of the parents added up to the festive spirit of the event with the colourful ambiance leaving every one energized.

LAI IB PYP & MYP – International Kangaroo Linguistics Contest Result

The International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest was held on 16th November, 2017. Each year thousands of students register for IKLC around the globe, and students participate in six categories, ranging from Pre Ecolier, Ecolier, to Benjamin, Cadet and Junior level, which includes all students from Grade 1 to 12.

We are proud to announce our IB students showing a brilliant performance in IKLC with 4 gold and 5 bronze medals and numerous 3 star and 2 star badges. Linguistics has become an integral part of language learning and it is only through the study of nature of language that we can teach our students to be effective communicators. This indeed is a distinctive feat and reflects on our effective methodology to promote language learning.

The International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest has an international character. It brings together the linguistic pedagogical experience from a number of countries and aims to promote the good communication culture which is crucial for thriving in today’s world.

PYP Art & Science Fair 2017

When it comes to fostering creativity, an Art and Science Fair is an intellectually stimulating experience for young learners. It not only gives them an opportunity to express themselves in a myriad of different ways, it also boasts the ability to analyse and attempt problem solving.

PYP Art and Science Fair,2017 was an expression of students’ artistic and scientific flair. Held at the end of the term, just before the winter break, it encompassed all the concepts they had studied during the themes; Who We Are and Where we are in Place and Time. The children had worked diligently to conceptualize their drawings and experiments and enthusiastically related it to a huge audience, who had come to witness the fair.

From the Life Cycle of a Sea Turtle and Butterfly to Exploding Moon Rocks; Tinga Tinga to Perspective drawing and Truck Art, the exhibition was a testament to our students’ fantastic thought process.

Math Lessons Have Never Been So Much Fun!!

Baking helps develop confidence and self-assurance, and a greater understanding of the world in a range of ways. Why do cakes rise? How do egg whites turn from a clear, sticky stuff into glossy white peaks? Baking can actually make for an interesting Science lesson. However, it was measurements and volume that the children really enjoyed learning about in their Baking activity this week. Cups, jugs, spoons, scales were used to show children how different amounts of substances e.g. butter, sugar, flour and cocoa powder can look different, but still weigh the same. The result was the delectable tray of cupcakes with various forms of frosting.

The hallmark of an International education is the array of skills children learn, outside of the four walls of the classroom. Cooking helps children understand why we eat the foods we do – what foods go well together, and what we need to include for a balanced meal. Besides learning about Mathematics and Sciences, cooking activities are an amazing way to bring different cultures in a class.

International Kangaroo Science Contest Winners

Children are curious by nature and science activities are the best way to nurture their curiosity and help them explore and understand the world around them. Kangaroo Science Contest has an international character and it serves as concrete step towards research training for all school children. This year children from over 70 countries spread across the world participated in IKSC.

PYP students participated in International Kangaroo Science Contest held on 24th September, 2017.

The categories under which they took part in the contest were Pre Ecolier, Ecolier and Benjamin level. The results were announced last week and PYP won four Bronze medals and numerous one, two and three star badges.

We can’t be more proud of our young students who ventured forward and accepted the Science challenge emerging as our shining little stars!

Iqbal Day

PYP celebrated Iqbal Day on 9th November, to commemorate the life and vision of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, “Poet of the East”.

Iqbal’s poetry is about his message to the Muslims of the Subcontinent and the reconstruction of religious thought in Islam.

PYP students spoke eloquently about the life and times of the poet, his vision of a separate homeland for Muslims and his expectations from the youth. A timeline of Iqbal’s life was presented before the audience and a Q and A session was conducted by our students sparking some very exciting responses from their fellows.

Students also recited some verses from his poetry with the help of some very simple props. It was refreshing to see students discussing their understanding of the poet’s philosophy and work with each other and to the audience at large.

Health & Well-Being

Authentic assessment engages students and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning. By ensuring that assessment and the reflection that goes with it is an integral part of the teaching and learning that happens in the classroom, teachers create an environment where the student becomes a critical part in the assessment process.

Students of PYP V were engaged in the summative assessment of the first transdisciplinary theme , ‘Who We Are’, where they conducted a survey of PYP I & II students asking them about their eating habits and life style. The assessment criteria included an evaluation of well being considering Physical, Emotional, Social and Mental aspects.It was particularly interesting to note the younger students talking to their older peers candidly about various healthy and unhealthy food habits they have developed.

Activities like this not only enhance the conceptual understanding of students about lifestyles defining ‘Who we are’ but also give an insight about the social skills and communal norms and practices in the society.

‘Read a New Book Month’ & Book Parade

“Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flights to the imagination and life to everything.”
― Plato

PYP students celebrated their love of reading by organising different activities focused upon various genres of literature. Throughout the month of October, which has been observed as “Read a New Book Month”, students have been reading a book of their choice.

During last week, we had a bunch of enthusiastic parents and grandparents volunteering to come in and read to the students. The story telling was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and the parents alike. The culmination of the story telling was a colourful and invigorating Book Parade, for which the students dressed up as their favourite story character in costumes of rich and vivid colours, exhilarated to be a part of the procession. There were flares and gowns and masks and swords; there were also tiaras and flowers and boots.

They took the round of the entire school, where the students right from Preschool to Junior school were standing to applaud the brilliant display inspired from various books.

Architects of Tomorrow

As part of the Summative Assessment task for the second transdisciplinary theme, ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’, the students of PYP IV hosted a showcase, ‘Architects of Tomorrow’. The Central Idea of the theme revolved around explorers who created new paths to improve the lives of people. The students served as explorers and architects simultaneously, as they inspected the current design of Learning Alliance PYP and discussed modification of the current building structure. They envisioned the design through systematic investigation and studied a variety of materials/sources in order to construct a successful prototype of their proposed model. They demonstrated research skills and were risk takers throughout the theme. After a challenging week of generating the layout and arrangement of their allocated classes/ facilities, they worked collaboratively as a team and took up the challenge to revamp a New IB school.

Finally the students were able to create an innovative 3-D layout of Learning Alliance IB (PYP). Parents of PYP IV students were invited to the showcase, to come and view the students’ work throughout the theme. The students confidently presented their proposed layout of the 3-D model and also shared the challenges faced by them, during the process of redesigning a new campus. Their prototype turned out to be a great success, as it was appreciated and acknowledged by the entire Learning Alliance Faculty. They were awarded “Certificates of Achievement”, for being the “Architects of Tomorrow”, as an incentive to boost up their confidence and motivation for the upcoming themes.

Community Services

In order to inculcate the concept of community service, the students of Learning Alliance IB PYP held a Bake Sale on 1st February, 2017. The students expressed immense interest and zeal in the activity, where some even went a step ahead and baked the healthy food items put up for the sale, themselves. The PYP Bake Sale was another initiative to help our students become more confident, conscientious and caring individuals.

Initially planned as a small event, it turned out to be a massive success due to the incredible array of delectable goodies.

Exploring Nature

In order to understand the concept of Measurement, the students went to the Physics laboratory and learned how to use the measuring cup, thermometer, hand lens, meter stick and stopwatch. They measured different objects and materials using different units. The students recorded their data on a chart and made observations.

The students visited the playground and measured different objects and areas using the appropriate tools and units. They also measured different leaves, trees and the ground using centimeters, inches, feet and yards. They recorded their data on a chart, made their conclusions and shared it with the class. The students were inquirers and risk-takers while dealing with these challenges and they displayed the IB attitude “curiosity” while collecting the data. They also used their thinking skills to make observations and conclusions for their findings.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

IB PYP came out in style to celebrate the International day for Women on 8th of March, 2017. The day was filled with various activities to instill in our students the importance of various roles women play in the society. Our young learners expressed their thoughts about the women in their lives they look up to in the form of their reflections. The students added their thoughts about the day on the colourful display board. They discussed the influential women in history, ranging from Sally Ride to Marie Curie and very lovingly created the crowns for their personal heroines; their mothers.

The day resonated with strong sentiments to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding, making everyday the International Women’s Day.

Junior Olympics

Sports and physical activity constitute a major part of the academically challenging and dynamic Primary Years Program. It was in this spirit that ‘Learning Alliance Junior Olympics’ for PYP was held on the 16th-17th February, 2017.

The loud drum beat and thumping of students’ feet on the ground for a disciplined March-Past set the rhythm for the event, followed by an oath-taking ceremony. The students of PYP then moved on to an energizing Zumba, followed by an astounding Gymnastics Display. Amidst the cheering and encouragement for the young athletes from the parents, teachers as well as fellow students, the races began. The students of PYP I-V participated in sack race, grasshopper race, zig-zag race and hula hoop race. Warmed up by the races, the students proceeded to an invigorating football match, followed by the prize distribution ceremony. The event was far from over though. In order to make the parents a part of the event, a blindfold race and tug-of-war was conducted for fathers and mothers respectively.

The event concluded at a high note,that is, the Taekwondo performance, which included Tile breaking, both wood & marble and an astounding demonstration of Nunchucks, which is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon. Everyone in attendance was in awe of the coordination, perfection and impact of this display. It was great to witness the sophistication and ease with which the students conducted themselves through these highly challenging moves.

Kitchen Activity

As part of the fourth transdisciplinary theme, ‘How the World Works’, classes of IB PYP conducted a fun and interactive Kitchen Activity;

PYP I made lemonade.
PYP II made Chocolate and Banana Cookie Trifles.
PYP IV made pickled carrots.

World Radio Day

Radio is recognized as a powerful communication tool and a low cost medium designed to reach the widest audience in the world and has a strong and specific role in emergency communication and disaster relief.

IB @ Learning Alliance observed World Radio Day on 13th of February, with great enthusiasm. Students were excited to learn about the new technological forms, radio is taking up, such as, broadband, mobiles and tablets. They learnt about various functions of the device and how they can broadcast one message to the entire world through it.

World Radio Day observance marked a new chapter of students’ understanding of this device as an important instrument of bringing people together and touching lives.

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