A few decades ago, the concept of Robotic technology intimidated even trained engineers. Today, our students are performing remarkable experiments here within our very walls!

The field of robotics not only allows students to observe physical systems, but also enhances their ability to implement educational knowledge in coalition with real world outcomes and common sense.


We at Learning Alliance try our best to educate students about STEM and its implementation. We regularly conduct workshops dedicated to enjoyment as well as concrete learning. Our in-house Robotics contest has proven to be an exceptionally accurate testing method of student aptitude and activity based learning.

The main objective of LARC is to make students successfully execute the variables that they study in their curriculum. The subjects that remain in focus are:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Computer Science

Moreover they gain extra knowledge about:

  • Mechatronics
  • Scientific methods
  • Task Planning etc

Activities & Competitions:

  • Versatile projects during “Saturday clubs”
  • Preparation & conduction of Inter-house and in-house robotics competitions. (2013 in DHA & 2014 in Aziz Avenue)
  • Preparations and participation in National Engineering Robotics Competitions, NERC 2013. (2014 was postponed by NUST)

Organization of Clubs

We conduct this program as a club. Each activity is conducted either during school hours or after school timings as an extra-curricular. Currently, LEGO MINDSTROMS NXT 2.0 is used for robotics education.


Competitions are part of the annual planner. After being allotted a suitable location by the Academics Coordinator, our Robotics Instructor plans Inter-house Robotics Contests. Depending upon the scenario, the Robotics Instructor may call upon assistance from any number of academic departments during in-house contests. It keeps students on the right path and infuses some more mentor-ship into the process. Outbound competitions are scheduled upon approval by the Vice Principals.