A Level Societies & Co-Curricular

All co-curricular activities are designed to extend and broaden the A Level Program. We encourage our students to participate so that they may build a strong individual profile and present themselves as well rounded university applicants.

Learning Alliance offers all its students a myriad of opportunities to develop and grow through activities of their choice. Societies are run by patrons who nurture the interest and talent of the members  in their respective societies.

The Media Society

The Media Society holds regular photography and videography competitions. It documents all internal Sports, Art and Science school events. It also participates in inter school photography events. The Society collaborates with other societies such as the Literary Society and helps with the school’s electronic and print publications.

The Music Society

The Music Society organizes our annual ASM Cup Gig Night. The event features performers from various schools, former Learning Alliance students and the school band. The school band holds regular practice sessions and performs during special events at the school. A specialist band tutor is employed to guide and inspire the band members throughout their school year.

The Art Society

The Art Society is responsible for a series of exhibitions and various art fairs in school. Members participate in an array of activities ranging from designing posters, to painting landscapes and still life. The society also caters to amateur shutterbugs who have a passion for photography.

The Sports Society

The Sports Society has the opportunity to represent the school in inter and intra-school sporting events. The school has a very strong football team that plays frequently and holds regular practice sessions. Students from one class often compete against the other.

The Phoenix Dramatics Society

The Phoenix Dramatics Society prides itself on the high standards of student talent that  it exhibits through its performances. Be it acting, costumes, sets or dialogues, the society delivers its best every time. The society’s aim is to instill within the student body; a love of theatre. It has put up many productions over the years; Mehfil-e-Taj, a tribute to Imtiaz Ali Taj and Kaisa Paisa being its most recent.

The Literary Society

The Literary Society of Learning Alliance is in charge of in house literary productions for the annual magazine, monthly newsletter and the school yearbook.

The Debating Society

The Debating Society participates in numerous international, national and regional events. It holds workshops at least twice a week for students who wish to practice their debating skills. The Society harnesses the enthusiasm, energy and eloquence of debaters and boasts of an excellent track record in external debating championships.

LA Community Service

This society brings together students who wish to give back to the community in terms of time and funds. Its more recent contributions have gone towards earthquake victims in Baluchistan as well as drought victims in Tharparkar.

The Arthritis Care Foundation is a trust for Rheumatic Diseases, it provides patient care, education, rheumatology training and conuducts research. Learning Alliance is a supporter of ACF and donates to the charity generously.

The Environment and Social Society

The Environmental and Social Society raises awareness among students about current environmental issues and climate change.

The Science and Robotics Society

Run by keen science students as its members, our Science Society holds the Inter-house Rube Goldberg Science Competition and also organizes the Annual Science Fair.

The Business Society

For all our budding entrepreneurs! The Business Society holds internal competitions on current business issues. It attends and represents Learning Alliance in external events hosted by other schools around the country. Students of O & A level Business Studies have a great deal of practical experience to gain from a membership in our Business Society

The Student Council

The Student Council is is comprised of team of student leaders, selected and appointed by the School Management to support the interests and welfare of fellow students. The school frequently hosts events including concerts, fundraisers and bake sales to support charity organisations that are selected by the Student Council. These events are planned, organised and conducted by council members.